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Polyacrylic Acid Sodium Solid (PAAS)

CAS No.  9003-01-4 

Structural Formula:

Polyacrylic Acid  (PAA)


PAAS is a water soluble sodium salt of a low molecular weight water soluble acrylic acid polymer that is supplied as a white, free-flowing powder, containing 11 wt% moisture. PAAS is a high performance polyelectrolyte with multi-functional properties.

• Inhibits precipitation of silicate, carbonates and phosphates

• Deposit control

---Dispersant / deflocculation

---Crystal morphology modifier

---Crystal growth inhibitor

---Anti-redeposition for hydrophilic soils

• Chelating Agent

---Detergent builder functionality

---Phosphate replacement


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Appearance: White Powder
Solid content % 90.0min
pH(1% water solution) 6.0-8.0


PAAS can be used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in circulating cool water systems in power plants, iron & steel factories, chemical fertilizer plants, Powdered laundry detergents, refineries and air conditioning systems.

Package and Storage:

20KGs per Bag. Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place.


PAA;Polyacrylic Acid; Acrylicresin; acrylicacidresin; acrylicacid polymers; acrysola;  polyacrylateelastomers;

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