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TH-904 aqueous dispersant

Alias: Viscosity Reduer, Water Reducer, Grind Aider


The main composition of dispersant TH-904 is anion polymer. It can adsorb on surface of microparticles resulting in static repulsion, resulting in disperse and preventing sedimentation and coarse turn-back. TH-904 is little foaming, innocuous, non-corrosiveness and non-hazardous.

TH-904 is used as chelant in papermaking coating, building coating, concrete retarder, water reducer, woven and dyeing. Adding TH-904 to slurry during grinding process of bolus alba, lime carbonate, pottery clay, titanium pigment, French chalk, barium sulfate, coal-water slurry, etc., the viscosity can be largely reduced and the dispersed slurry is stable.


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Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Solid content % 40.0 min
pH (50% water solution) 8.0~11.0
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.20 min


The dosage of 0.2-2% is preferred (solid/solid), the optimal dosage should be determined by experiment.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place.

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